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Storm Damage Assessments


Storm Damage Assessments

Fulcrum Loss Assessing and Property Services provides clients with a comprehensive storm damage assessment service. Our team is available to assess storm damage caused to domestic properties, commercial properties, industrial properties and agricultural properties.
Strom damage can include flood damage due to excessive rainfall, wind damage due to excessive winds and damage due to airborne debris.
Due to the myriad of possibilities for damage presented by adverse weather conditions, storm damage can prove particularly difficult to assess.
Our team possesses years of experience in compiling comprehensive storm damage reports that encompass all possible damage caused by adverse weather conditions.
Our report includes specific superficial damage to the property's exterior along with the potential structural damage caused by storm or flooding.

For a comprehensive storm damage assessment, get in contact with the offices of Fulcrum Loss Assessing and Property Services today. 04784915  |  042 9333460

For professional storm damage assessments, get in contact with the offices of Fulcrum Loss Assessing and Property Services today.

Pursuing an Insurance Claim Following Storm Damage

Our expert assessors can advise clients when it is in their interest to pursue an insurance claim.
We negotiate directly with the insurance company on the client’s behalf.
Our comprehensive assessment brings the insurance company’s attention to specific damage; ensuring clients get properly compensated for all of the damage caused to their property.
From flood damage within the property to outside damage to the roof’s integrity. We negotiate a satisfactory settlement from the insurance company.
Depending on the nature of the damage, our team will compile a comprehensive breakdown and schedule of repairs.
We also ascertain the specific cause of the damage before cross-referencing our findings with the client’s insurance policy.
We bring this factual data to the insurance company as we negotiate with the company on behalf of our clients.
With our extensive knowledge of insurance companies and insurance policies generally, we can address issues, smooth the process and proceed to settlement as quickly as possible, while always ensuring that we negotiate the best possible outcome for our clients.

For expert storm damage assessment, get in contact with Fulcrum Loss Assessing and Property Services today. 04784915   |  042 9333460

Storm Damage Assessments FAQ

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