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Oil Damage Assessment


Oil Damage Assessment

Fulcrum Loss Assessing and Property Services provides clients with a professional and thorough oil damage assessment at their property following a pollution event.
We assess the damage caused by oil in domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties.
Due to the extreme pollution risks associated with oil, an oil leak can have potentially devastating effects on a property; air quality, water quality and general pollution risks on site and off site need to be managed.
Within a property, oil damage is frequently caused by leaking ranges or boilers, pipes or fittings, meaning that air quality can be affected and strong odours can spread. Leaks around outdoor oil tanks can also cause significant environmental damage.
Our assessment team inspects all these areas to ensure our report factors in all of the damage caused by the leaking oil. We have immediate access to preferred contractors with decades of experience in dealing with oil leaks of all sizes.

If an oil leak has damaged your property, get in contact with the offices of Fulcrum Loss Assessing and Property Services today. 04784915  |  042 9333460

For more information on our range of professional services, get in contact with Fulcrum Loss Assessing and Property Services today.

Pursuing an Insurance Claim Following Oil Damage

Following an oil damage assessment, our team can advise on the best, wisest and most pragmatic next steps. In cases where it’s in the client’s interest to pursue a claim, our team contact the insurance company directly and arrange immediate emergency works if required.
We notify, advise and negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the client.
We bring all relevant data to the insurance company as we negotiate on behalf of our clients.
With our extensive knowledge of insurance companies and insurance policies generally, we can address issues, smooth the process and proceed to settlement as quickly as possible, while always ensuring that we negotiate the best possible outcome for our clients.. Our negotiations don’t just take into account the damage caused by the oil, we incorporate incurred losses due to business stoppages, third-party claims and costs associated with organising alternative accommodation.

To discuss the damage caused to your property due to an oil leak, get in contact with Fulcrum Loss Assessing and Property Services today. 04784915  |  042 9333460

Oil Damage Assessment FAQ

  • I need a loss assessor near me- can you help?
    Yes, Fulcrum Loss Assessing & Property Services provides full Louth loss assessment services to customers across Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, and the surrounding areas.
  • How do I claim on my insurance after my house has gone on fire?
    The first thing to do after experiencing a house fire is to contact a damage assessor in your area. Fulcrum Loss Assessing & Property Services provides professional fire damage assessment services, helping you to file a report to your insurance company to receive compensation.
  • Do you work with all insurance companies?
    Yes, we can file official damage assessment reports for all insurance companies. We offer loss assessment for fire damage, water damage, oil damage, storm damage, and other property damage.
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