1. Who reports the claim to our insurance company?

All the claim details can be reported by Fulcrum to the policyholder’s insurance company.

2. How will a claim on my policy effect my insurance premium going forward?

Depending on which insurance company your policy is held with, the effect on premium can vary. With some insurance companies the policy holder loses a ‘No Claims Bonus’.  With others the premium may increase by a nominal amount. Indeed in some cases there may be no change to the premium.

3. What is the normal sequence of events in the claims process?

Firstly, we will visit and inspect damage, investigate the circumstances of the incident and advise on cover. If the claim is to proceed we can report it to the insurer who will invariably appoint their own representative (Loss Adjuster) to attend and inspect.  A site inspection is then carried out by Fulcrum and the Loss Adjuster. A claim schedule is prepared and presented by Fulcrum to the Loss Adjuster and  negotiated to a settlement. When settlement is agreed between all parties, the Loss  Adjuster sends their final report to Insurers and the settlement cheque is issued to the policy holder.

4. How long does the claim process normally take?

This can vary from claim to claim depending on the size and complexity of the particular loss.  But for smaller, less complicated household claims, the entire process from reporting claim to receiving payment will normally take between 4-6 weeks.

5. How long does it normally take for the policy holder to receive payment once the settlement has been agreed?

Cheques/payment are normally issued by insurers within 10 working days of settlement being agreed.